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1. Store information

1b. Return Type

2. Product information
  Find your IMEI

3. Fault Description

4. Customer Details

5. Return Details

Important: OBF / ELF claims must have the full contents and packaging. All the questions in this section must be yes, and in most cases the product must be returned to the store within 14 days of purchase to be eligible for swap out.

6. Customer Bond
Declined OBF / ELF / warranty claims and non-warranty jobs will incur an inspection fee, chargable to the store. We recommend a customer bond be taken to cover the store in this eventuality.

DO NOT enter credit card or other personal details

7. Return to Service Centre
List the items being returned

8. Loan Phone

8b. Allocate Loan Phone

9. Return Agent

10. Summary
Print THREE copies of the Hardware Return Form.
1) Return copy
2) Customer copy
3) Store copy