Help - Creating a New Return

1: Store Information
2: Product Information
3: Fault Description
4: Customer Details
5: Warranty Details
6: Customer Bond
7: Return to Service Centre
8: Loan Phone
9: Return Agent
10: Summary

Section 1: Store Information

1.1 - Enter the store code. If you do not have a store code, please contact your suppliers account manager. Your store name and address will appear. This is the address that returned goods will be sent to after completion by the service centre.

1.2 - Complete the store contact details. Communications about this job will be sent to these contact details. Only once the details have been completed will the next panel be opened.

Section 2: Product Information

Enter the product serial number in to the "IMEI / SIM Number" box.
If the serial is identified as coming from a participating Supplier, then the product details will be automatically completed.

2 a) Serial not identified.
If the serial number is not identified then enter the supplier’s product code to the “code” box. If found, then the remaining boxes in the panel will auto-complete.

2 b) Supplier code not identified.
Complete the remaining boxes in the panel from the drop-downs.

2 c) Serial supplied by a non-associated retailer.

If the serial has been supplied by another retailer, then a warning will appear.
You can then decide whether to continue.

Section 3: Fault Description

Select the main fault and type from the drop downs. Write a full description in the text box.
If possible, state whether you have been able to verify the fault and if so, how.

Section 4: Customer Details

Complete the customer details as fully as possible. Contact details are important should you or a colleague need to contact the customer later.

Section 5: Warranty Details

5.1Date Sold: The date that the products were supplied to the customer

5.2 Date Returned: When the customer called or brought the goods back to the store as faulty.

5.3 Is this Item being returned under warranty? Select yes only where there is a valid manufacture fault within the warranty period.

5.4 Is a copy of the Proof of Purchase being returned with the goods? Where you have entered “Yes” to 5.4, then generally a copy of your store’s sales docket is required to be returned to the service centre with the goods for the warranty claim to be honoured.

5.5 Is the item free of water damage and external damage? Manufacturers usually have warranty terms that exclude damage. Check these for the brand and product involved.

5.6 Are all the original contents of the box included? Often products where are found to be faulty within a short period after sale are deemed Early Life Failure (ELF) or a similar term. Where supported by the brand, the product may be replaced. In that case all the components and packaging must be returned. For a normal repair job, this is not required.

Important: Check the brand warranty terms and conditions for the product before continuing.

Section 6: Customer Bond

This is an optional panel. Some service centres will charge an inspection fee where a warranty claim is declined. It is store policy whether to take a customer bond in the eventuality that the inspection fee cannot be recovered.

Section 7: Return to Service Centre

List the items being returned to the service centre. Include those items which may have a bearing on the fault.

7.1 Return Courier Reference. An optional box if you already have a courier reference available.

7.2 Do you need a return courier bag to be sent out to you? Most Service Centres will send out a return courier bag on request. Where the Recommended Repairer (see Section 9) does NOT offer this service, the option is unavailable.

Where the customer is unable to come in to the store, in most cases it is the retailers responsibility to retrieve the goods from the customer, then to forward them to the Service Centre.

Important for Mobile Phones

  • Return the SIM to the customer.
  • Warn the customer that contact details, pictures, and any other information stored on the phone may be erased by the Service Centre during the repair process.
  • Ensure that any PINs or unlock codes for the phone are included with the paperwork sent to the Service Centre.

Section 8: Loan Phone

An optional panel for the store to record details where a loan phone (or equivalent) is provided to the customer.

Section 9: Return Agent

The web site uses the information you have entered to determine the appropriate Service Centre for this job. This is the Recommended Repairer. If there is a reason to use a different Service Centre then you can change the “Selected Repairer”. However if you choose a repairer who does not support your product then the goods will be returned to the store.

Section 10: Summary

You must click “Save” to retain the information. The Hardware Returns and Handset Service Form will appear.

Use the browser’s print function to generate three Job Sheet copies.

The customer should sign the copy that is to be returned to the Service Centre. The customer’s signature may be a condition of the brand’s warranty claim terms.
Note that the customer will be able to use their copy to check the job status on Returnspot.
The job details are automatically transmitted to the Service Centre, so they will expect the goods.
Once the details have been saved they cannot be edited on the web site. Your choice is either to redo the form, or to use the Returnspot message function to advise the Service centre of the correct details.